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We create connected and Web oriented experiences.

That is the Causal effect.


We offer a complete set of top-notch services for TYPO3, such as development of TYPO3 extensions, advanced TYPO3 hosting solutions or expert consulting.

Cloud Computing

Already heard about Cloud Computing or Big Data? Need help or advices to move to the Cloud and leverage its elasticity? We provide a wide range of services around Cloud Computing and Web Oriented Architectures.


Need advices to optimize your TYPO3 website? Private or Public Clouds? Hybrid maybe? We propose high-quality TYPO3 and Cloud Computing expertise to keep your projects on the right track.

About Us

The Causal relationship: from people to data. And back.

At Causal, we love creating new open platforms to connect people and to allow them to share and express their creativity.

We are a startup founded in 2010 and based in Fribourg, Switzerland focusing on Web Oriented Architectures and helping customers from Switzerland (Suisse Romande: Lausanne, Genève, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Sion, ... / Deutsche Schweiz: Zürich, Basel, Bern, ...) as well as other countries (Austria, Belgium, ...).

At Causal, our team has a strong academic background (Master of Science EPFL) as well as a profound industry experience acquired in several large private companies (Elca, Novell, SITA, Nestle, IMD) and in the public sector (State of Vaud, City of Geneva, Swiss Confederation, University of Fribourg).

We know our stuff.


Building a modern Web architecture requires advanced skills in distributed systems, deep knowledge of operating systems, databases and networking. At Causal, we daily work with distributed systems and Cloud Computing infrastructures to offer value-added services to our customers.


We all have tons of great ideas. But how many of them becomes real? Turning an idea into a real working product requires excellent coding skills. At Causal, we try to always use the right tool for the job. Our toolbox includes state of the art Web frameworks, such as Play Framework (Scala), NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Hadoop, S3), RDBMS (MySQL, RDS, MS SQL), inverted index servers (Solr, Elastic Search) as well as battle-tested CMS (TYPO3).


Thanks to our experience gained building modern distributed Web applications, we can help companies to build a robust web architecture, to choose the right tools, the right infrastructure provider, or simply to validate their architectural or technical choices. We also offer advices regarding all aspects of the migration and the management of applications in the Cloud.

Management team
Xavier Perseguers
Founder, CEO

As a TYPO3 contributor and former CMS Team member, Xavier is, you guessed it right, our TYPO3 expert :-)


We manage 600+ TYPO3 websites with a community of 20'000+ members.

Need help for your next Web project?

We provide unique hosted and fully managed solutions for communities to share their passion and work together towards theirs goals.

We give our customers the tools to connect, to deal with the ever growing amount of data and to manage their Web and Mobile presence.

Our Services


We help hundreds of Lions Clubs to manage thousands of members, their social activities and Web presence.
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We provide a fully managed TYPO3 CMS / Neos hosting solution, including advanced features such as Apache Solr.
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TYPO3 Development

Need a custom extension for TYPO3? Want to improve an existing one? We propose tailored TYPO3 development.

Mobile Development

We help our customers to build business mobile applications using state of the art technologies.


We conduct audits (security, architecture, best practises, etc.) and propose value added advices to companies for their own projects.



Get in touch with us

Send us an email or visit us at:

Main Office
Avenue de Tivoli 4
1700 Fribourg

Phone: +41 26 301 30 14
E-mail: info@causal.ch

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